Who am I?

Welcome to 8PmPodcast.com!!

Hey there, I’m Amsaraj Chinnamunian – A Digital Marketing consultant to a full-time affiliate marketer now.

I have an incredible journey in becoming an Affiliate Marketer and earned a five-figure income from an average Salaried person to a monthly earner & independent marketer.

From Affiliate Marketing, I have got a beautiful sedan car and a good house so far.

In the mid of 2006, I joined a company in Textile Industry in Bangalore, where 1000s of female workers and very few male supervisors gave me a good opportunity and learning that how to become a leader in managing big teams than part of a team.

From 2008 to 2015, I worked in different IT companies, Startups, and mid-sized companies with different CEOs who helped me become a CEO for a company than a successful employee.

So, I have spirit, passion, and dreams!!! and remembering the words from Sir Abdul Kalam,

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep”.

I always take Imperfect Action for everything! Which lead me that learn much better than previously.

I have started blogging techniques in mid of 2015, that changed my life and twisted an average monthly salaried person into a five-figure earner.

I had stuck some point of time, no money, no work, lots of quarrels in a family which ended up to work hard, harder even more… I never thought this was in Digital Marketing Jobs.

Times fly away… I brought myself to the affiliate marketing industry again and started to review products, which helps many owners sell their products successfully online.

Now I am a father of a girl, a good husband, a good son of my parents, and a successful person in earning five figure income in my city. This journey doesn’t stop now.

I hope that you could take a look at a few of my income reports here