ProductTube Booster
CreatorJorge Villa & Bea Olalla
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
Release Date17 November 2020
BenefitsThe ultimate software for Youtubers to make multiply Youtube Traffic. A large number of Youtube Subscribers list on autopilot.

YouTube has become a powerful force for marketing people across the world ever since the platform gained popularity. People are looking for passive income and big brands are looking for promoting their product as wider as possible through this YouTube. YouTube is undoubtedly helping them all without partiality. But, the thing of concern is YouTube has always filled with competition. Only strong one thrives!

As per a survey that was conducted back in May 2019, it was found that around 2 billion people are using YouTube, surprisingly, the numbers were just 800 million back in 2012. I’m sure; the numbers would have gone higher than the 2 million recently due to the lockdown scenarios. However, we are not here to take the accomplishments of YouTube. We are here to take how to harness the power of the platform for your business.

As you already know, there are millions of YouTube channels currently in wrestling mania. If one wants to start a new channel in some niche, there already exist hundreds of channels with hundreds of videos with thousands of watch hours. Feeling dizzy? Yes, you should. YouTube has turned out to be a field for the rat race. Only a few survive it and only a few thrive in it.

For example, a digital marketer knows how YouTube is a powerful tool and how heavy the competition would be in it. The digital marketer also knows some ways to surpass the competition such as how to use keywords, how to increase the traffic for the video, which is mostly obtained by paying certain Dollars. Hard reality! But, what if I told you, there is something, more of a tool, which will help you generate big traffic and subscribers overnight? Would you be so bold to take a shot?

In the way of Truth-buster and Myth-buster, there comes Tube Booster! Okay, that’s the worst example of alliteration. But let’s get to the concept.

What is Tube Booster?

Tube booster is a brand new yet powerful software that can easily crack up YouTube’s algorithm that brings your video upfront. Other than training you on getting YouTube traffic, the Tube Booster can also Blow-up some targeted emails for you, in any niche.

tube booster review - 8pmpodcast

How does Tube Booster work?

Tube Booster is not a tool that helps your make money online without any effort. Tube Booster is software that’ll teach you how to sneak through the YouTube algorithm and grow your video views and subscribers. It’ll teach you many things like serious piece secret tips and tricks that are strange and not heard commonly from any part of the internet. This means you’re about to learn something you don’t know previously.

What you’ll learn through Tube Booster?

tube booster review - 8pmpodcast

Tube Booster is all about helping you solve the ranking mystery of YouTube and grow your videos out of it. Once you purchased the software and logged in you will be in your account’s dashboard, from where you’ll learn one by one about SEO Booster, Money Making ideas, how to be loyal to your visitors, ranking strategies. Also, you’ll see the ‘Email Blow-up’ tab. Let’s talk about this later in this article.

As first and foremost, you learn what Tube Booster is in your dashboard and what you can do with it. The next is SEO Booster, in which you’ll learn about eight ‘how to’ topics.

tube booster review - 8pmpodcast

They are

1. How to create an ending video screen?

2. Making Proper Thumbnails?

3. How to properly use the long tail strategy?

4. How to create custom end screen templates?

5. How to position with playlists?

6. How to use the custom-like/subscribe buttons?

7. How to use the bell subscription button?

8. Many more secret SEO Strategies that’ll surely bring your videos a lot of traffic.

Up next you’ll learn how to make ‘MONEY’ out of your videos seamlessly? Then you’ll also learn how to create evergreen videos, video funnels, and how to use video cards and their uses?

As you come across the money-making ideas and strategies, you’ll see how to be loyal to your customer. Here, the software will teach you about the power of giveaways, presents, and free bonuses. It also teaches you why you need to stick to the time frame on YouTube.

Along with the above, the Tube Booster will also help you understand your channel ranking and how to understand tools like VidIQ.

After all, if you think that’s all you get from tube Booster, well, think again. There is one more surprise element you will be getting with this Tube Booster which is the Email Blow-up app.

What is Email Blow-up?

tube booster review - 8pmpodcast
tube booster review - 8pmpodcast

Are you still paying hundreds or maybe thousand to list builders for obtaining targeted email lists? If you say yes, then upgrade yourself, because you far behind the timeline. the world is running as fast as it can to build targeted mail lists to grow business. They are using different automated tools that are widely and readily available in the market. However, such apps are still expensive. Sometimes their price tag goes up and up and reaches the hight that is unaffordable for a startup and small size business. Again a sad reality!

To kick out all those issues with getting the targeted mailing list, Tube Booster comes with an automated email blow-up app in-built with the software.

Email Blow-up is a tool that will help you find emails from your targeted niche. Whatever the niche you choose, there are people to target and there are emails scattered all over the internet to contact them from where you are.

To find them, all you wanted to do is to choose the necessary fields in the email blow-up app. Let us consider your want Gmail contacts for the keyword ‘Work online’ in and around Alabama. Now choose the fields Work Online, Alabama, and Gmail.com and finally click Blow-up, the app will come up with hundreds of email addresses for your by searching google, or any other search engine according to your preference. Now, I’m wondering is it that simple?

You can also do email blow-up manually from the app.


So, we have just cam all the way down exploring the Tube Booster just to see its price and drop our jows here. As already stated, why pay thousands to some random software and list builders and get merely nothing in return? By the way, Tube Booster’s front end package is just $17.

Front End-$17:

The Front End package gives you the most out of Tube Booster. You get access to

SEO Booster

How to build customer loyalty

Money Machine

Ranking Positioning

Limited access to Email Blow-up, which allows you to get 300 emails per month.

24/7 premium support.


Cost- $37

What you get: DFY Email Templates, Email Blow-up for 12 niches for all countries, and access to email blow-up up to 3000 emails/ month.


Cost- $97

What you get: Access to Email Blow-up up to 30,000 emails/month, 2000 DFY email templates, email blow-up for all countries and all niches, and access to create up to ten users under the agency account.

OTO-3-Reseller Rights:

Cost- $197

What you get: With the reseller rights, one can sell the Tube Booster as if it is developed by them.


All the properties that are listed above in the pricing section originally cost more than $50-$300. But, with Tube Booster, you get them all at an affordable price. The article concludes that one cannot find such quality information, tricks, and tips for building a proper income stream from Youtube. Hence, it is totally worth the $17 bucks you pay for it. Moreover, the tool affirms a 30-days money-back guarantee.