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Serpstat is an excellent platform like SEMRush, Ahref which is for you to analyse where your website stands in the search results.

Serpstat is a best growth hacking tool for checking not only the SEO part, but also the PPC stats, analytics, marketing and contents of your site and examine whether it is qualified for getting ranked high in the search results.

Serpstat review - 8pmpodcast

This is important to the growth of any businesses in the online world to improve their web rankings. Have you find out such a status of your SERP ratings in the leading domains in the web?

Why SERPSTAT is best for SEO, PPC & Content Tool?

serpstat review - 8pmpodcast

Serpstat is available for free on trial version like SEMRush, however restricts few of full potential, where you can start using the tool immediately to analyse and improve the reach of your business site.

The professional platform has assisted services in many of business platforms like agenda21, YVES Rocher, Deutsche Internet Potheke, Shopify, L’Oreal and Lenovo. Check it out the following benefits for Serpstats as,

• Accurate data

There are more than 1 million keywords in this platform over 12 databases. 15 thousand terms and phrases are updated every minute for the benefit of the business platforms. Therefore the data here is more accurate and perfect than any other platform on the web.

• Rated number 1

Serpstat is the number one rank tracker according to the product hunt. It is a well-known site which is created for startups. The community of the PH have commended the autocomplete search of the suggestion tool.


The advanced users and the developers are using the API to get access to the day to day rankings information on the web. There is also the feature to view the details of the competitors, position tracking, and the keyword research data to make the reporting systems of their own.

This platform will help you to save precious time which you can use for your website development. Leave the research and the in-depth analysis of the site to the Serpstat which will give you the precise results every time you use it.

Track Your Position in the World of Web (www)

SERP Research with Advanced Analytics Similar like SEMRush

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Website position in the search results is a significant matter because being the top number three in the search results will take your company’s name to greater heights. This effort will take some time to accomplish, and Serpstat will help you to reach your goal with the process SERP research analytics.

Your keywords rankings will be thoroughly analysed and the process will show you where you are high and what you lack. This will aid you to recreate the keywords which will gain you more rankings.

By this complete research with the advanced analytics, you can know the quality of your SEO work. When you check your site in the Serpstat it will display the accurate results for your information.

Each of the phrase and the keyword you have utilised in your business site will be examined and verified by the Serpstat to find the precise ranking. You will be able to view the results immediately.

If the site is listed in the search engine that it is in a good position but if it is not the site is not optimised correctly for the web. You can know where you have to focus your attention on to improve the quality of the website.

With the help of this analytics, you can know where your website is ranked high and where it is ranked low.

SERP analysis can be conducted as per the location. You can type in the city, state or country to know what status and position your site is in that particular place. This analysis will show you complete statistic details of the use of the keywords and its reach, drop in the ranking, improvement in the ranking, changes etc. This rank tracker feature will be beneficial for growing businesses.

SERP Historical Data

Need a day by day status of the search ranking and other essential details and developments in your site? There is a way to find that too in the historical data feature in the Serpstat.

An accurate data of the changes in the place will be displayed through a graph. It will show the yearly, monthly and day by day statistics of your business site. It is complete research of the site you must have conducted all the years on one page.

You can know of the advancements you would have made in the search rankings or the decrease in the search rankings any time with the help of this feature. The thorough study of the site rankings will help you to know more about the workings of the web positioning.

You can understand where you stand when you refer the historical record of all the rankings and positions of your site.

Keywords grouping by tag

Keywords are essential in a website because they grant the benefit of gaining more people to land up in your site. Know about the popularity of the keywords by running the selected keyword in the keywords tracker which will group the keywords and show its use in the websites all around the world.

You can also tag the keywords in the tag columns provided for you and filter the keyword you may need to put in the site. This feature will help you to know the crucial phrases which will help you to get more rankings on the web. The keywords will be grouped accordingly for your reference and use.

Insights into traffic distribution among domains

The keywords used will be distributed as per the popularity of the site. Some sites will get more rank because of the keywords, and there are other matters involved to make the site come under the top ten ranking list in the famous search engines.

This rank distribution in the web will keep you informed about the position you stand and to be a permanent holder of that position by changing your site content and keywords according to the trend. The data in the Serpstat will show the details in the graph about the top sites in the rankings.

The separate lists of the top one, top three, top five, top ten and top twenty sites will be displayed in the graph and other details such as decrease and the increase of the rankings will also be shown under the graph.

Market Share Fluctuations

There is monitoring of more than a hundred domains for the keywords and the keyword grouping. The result is a perfect data for you to see how large the market share is allowed for each of the domains on the web.

You can view your website’s place in the market and the share you have obtained. This will help you to make the needed changes to reach the list of top ranking sites.

Local Search

With the other SERP search platforms you can only know where you stand in the web rankings but with the help of Serpstat, you will get frequent information on the changes and also the details about your competitors.
Serpstat has over more than a hundred domains for you to check the visibility of your site.

Keyword Research

serpstat review - 8pmpodcast

In-depth- URL analysis Similar of SEMRush

Serpstat is the first platform that is page-oriented for an in-depth completive analysis that aids you to find the competitors and shows the missing keyword for your URL and the domain.

Just do a domain analysis by typing in the necessary detail in the search box in the Serpstat page. It will show the number of competitors you have and your positions in the overall domains.

This will help you to change any keyword in the URL or the website if it is unprofitable for the website growth.

Insights of the Search Questions

You can do some search for the questions that would be used in the search engines by the users and create a website that will get more traffic. The users will possibly have a set of words in their minds when they search for the products on the web.

You can make sure the words you use in the site are similar to the most asked questions in the search engines. This will gain you more traffic. The insights of the search questions in the Serpstat you give you more ideas to explore on the keywords you use.

The feature has a set of suggestions you can utilise to increase the site traffic. Your content can be more traffic driven if you use the Serpstat feature to create the content.

“Tree-View” Keywords Distribution

You can rank your URL in the first page of the Google search with the aid of “Tree-view” Keywords Distribution feature of Serpstat. This is one of the unique features in the Serpstat.

You can check the position of your page and mend the ones that are behind the first page. You can also gain more traffic with the help of this process. The tree view will show the rankings of the web in the search engine.

The keyword, the volume of Google, the competitors’ ranks and the results will be shown in the columns displayed in the tree view.

Related Keywords

Some words are similar and related to the main keyword which can also help you gain the desired ranks in the web.

All the marketing companies that showcase their brand on the web know and obtain all the keywords related to the keywords which are suitable for their brand and which their customers are most likely to search for.

You can discover all search terms and phrases that are connected with the keyword in the related keywords search list of Serpstat.

Your website will be displayed in the top results of the search engine if you have the necessary terms to support your goals.

Adaptable Filters

You can set up your parameters and get precisely what you are searching for with the advanced and top filters in the market. You can put volume in the Google AdWords, the presence of elements in the result, keywords and the results number in the filter.

These filters will enable you to know how your website stands amidst competition. You can also save the filter in the program for future reference.

Choose the available filters and click to apply a filter to begin the process. It is considered one of the best filters.

Site Audit

site audit serpstat review - 8pmpodcast

Serpstat Domain Optimization Score

The two of the most important parts of a website is the URL and the domain name. When a site is created or designed the main thing is to give it a name which has to contain keywords that will help the domain to become visible in the web.

It has to be unique and one of a kind. URL has to have good arrangement of terms for effective reach. This is called the process of domain optimization.

This is an important matter because the name of the domain and the URL will only get you the notice you strive for in the web. The Serpstat domain optimisation score will reveal the accurate score of your domain and its visibility. It will show the rank and position your site is placed by the search engines.

Clean Up your Website

Most of the contents in the sites will become old and unnecessary. They can take up space and will not allow doing more changes in the sites.

These types of things in the site can be cleaned with the help of the clean-up feature in the Serpstat. You do not need to put a strain in the site by gathering up wasteful data.

It has to be cleaned frequently to make space for new content and information. All the old matters need to be updated and deleted from the site. The Serpstat can also perform this process.

You can get rid of the old post and comments on the site to make room for new ones. The page also will be refreshed from time to time.

Don’t Miss new Errors

There will be some new errors popping up now and then in the sites. The URL 404 errors are common and some of the sites will not function. You can clear these sites with the help of Serpstat cleaners.

It will list out the number of errors your site may contain and this will be cleaned and filtered out. It will show the issue description also to make you know what kind of error you are dealing with.

Backlink Analysis

backlink analysis serpstat review - 8pmpodcast

Backlink analysis is a keystone of building link and SEO. It is needed at the beginning, in the middle and at the very end of the link building process.

It is a very impossible task to build links without knowing about your Backlink profile.

It is very important to build links which you really need for your site. Only valuable links should be displayed in your domain. The overview of Serpstat will help you to contain the Backlink data in one single link.

The importance of the Backlink analysis is to monitor the Backlink of your website and that of your competitors.

Serpstat is the best tool which will produce you the accurate Backlink analysis with the proper Backlink data. Today, there are tons of Backlink tools available which may show you more Backlinks in some areas and less in some.

Serpstat is a brand new fully featured tool which contains tons of backlinks and referring domains. It will be a great help for your website to track the performance of your competitors.

The Serpstat is a wide platform which contains most of the backlinks which you cannot find in other platforms.
Serpstat is an all-rounder for SEO Platforms.

This tool allows you to combine your backlinks with the analytical tool which will produce an overall all analysis for the backlinks. It will also rank the Backlinks respectively on their places with the help of Serpstat rank and Serpstat trust rank features.

Let’s see what all Backlink opportunities you have through the Serpstat tool.

Backlink Data in one link like SEMRush

The Serpstat will display the Backlink overview. First, the number of domains will be referred and the Serpstat will produce it.

Under the referred domains it will tell you the number of links which has been linked with it. The linked domains will have its unique IP addresses; Serpstat will also refer to the IP of the linked domains.

The other task performed by Serpstat is to refer pages. Here the Serpstat provide you with the complete analysis of your Backlink with referring the pages and the domains.

Full Backlink Data Collected Over last Two Years

Serpstat will assist you to find the past two years Backlink performance of your competitors.

It also allows you to pinpoint the areas where there is a sudden growth in Backlink and also at the area where there is a sudden decline.

This two-year analysis is an insight for you to react on time to these sudden changes in the performance of Backlink. This may also give you some time to think and react to this situation to solve the issues related to it.

It also protects your website from being filtered by the search engines.

The past two analysis of the Backlink performance of the competitors will broadcast the new referring domains and also the lost backlinks as well as new Backlink.

Serpstat shows the market fluctuations and also about what customers feel about it. In the past two year analysis, the new and the lost Backlink will be referred to in a different coloured description for you differentiate between two of them.

It will display a clear visualisation in a graphical representation about the fluctuations which has occurred in past.

Keep Track of Your Competitors

Backlink analysis is very beneficial as it can help you to keep a track of your competitors backlinks.
It will display all the ranks in one single figure. There is Serpstat rank and also the trust rank.

All the websites from high ranks to lower ranks will be displayed there. In the side, the ranks given for them will also be displayed.

Get The Quality Scores

Serpstat page ranks are the finest. It is very accurate and the data provided by it is very reliable.

The Serpstat ranks are been displayed according to how influential a domain is based upon the links of it.
Every link is not the same. A strong link has more influence upon the domain of a particular website.

Has already mentioned above with the required Backlink data the Serpstat will display two ranks which is the Serpstat page ranks and the Serpstat trust rank.

Both these ranks are very crucial in the Backlink analysis. They help you to the device and learn how much reliable a link is and how much power it is upon your domain.

Find the pages which attract most of the links

Serpstat is a complete saviour as it also displays the list of domains which attracts most of the links.
The list goes from top to bottom all the links are properly organised and you can click and see them for more details.

Along with the list of domains you can find the pages linked with that particular domain. All the other important elements of ranking the page are also included such as the referring domains, the referring pages and also the internal links available to it.

Along with this useful information the Serpstat page rank and trust rank is also produced for the respective URLs. Each of the domains ranked is described in different colours in the graphical representation and it is also very easy for you to identify the pages which attract most of the links.

The ranks are provided from the first to the last rank.

The Serpstat analysis is productive for many of the platforms. Serpstat will be very beneficial for the marketing agencies to see their performance and also to know the performance of their competitors.

It gives them ideas and works as insight for them to try out new innovative ways of marketing. Anyone can easily be profitable of they make use of the Serpstat analysis for their website.

Serpstat is also a great tool for in-house SEO teams. It also proves to be beneficial for enterprises also. All this above-mentioned process of Backlink will help your website to reach heights.

Backlink analysis of Serpstat is definitely advanced when you compare to its competitors. It gives you a clear and understandable picture of the usage of backlinks on a particular website.

Competitor Research

competitor search serpstat review 8pmpodcast

Competitor research is a very crucial aspect as it assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor. With the unique Serpstat competitor analysis tool you can get the complete analysis of all your competitors online.

With the same niche, you can get the ranks of websites in an organic way as well as through paid research. You can search it with the same keyword for all the niches.

The competitor’s research contains a competitor’s graph where you can find the complete performance for your competitors. The main objective of competitor research is to extract the competitor’s performance in a framework so that you can strategise and implement plans to frame effective and efficient policies to improve your website and profitability.

Many of the enterprises rely upon informal and non-accurate competitor researches. This may lead them to take missteps in improvements.

However, the Serpstat competitor research is top notch as it produces accurate and reliable results of the competitor’s performances.

Analyze your competitors online

You can now view your competitors’ graph that is being displayed by Serpstat. It is a clear representation of your competitor’s position in the market.

This analysis displays a range of metrics and paid searches are also available. You can find all the top competitors and their performance in the market. You can see the competitors in ads their domains can also be found there.

It summaries the keywords used by them and also the keyword selections of them. This Serpstat competitor is a very effective tool as it will help you to gather more knowledge about what your competitors are doing.
You can create strategies and make profitable decisions with this competitor analysis tool. You can position your business perfectly in the market with the help of this analysis.

You can survive and make growth in the business by competing intelligently with them through the knowledge of your competitor’s performance.

Niche Leader’s identification

Identify and learn from niche leaders to improve your business. You can find what really works for the niche whether the lower costs, premium process or other elements which is effective on customers.

You can follow the steps of niche leaders in your own style. This analysis by Serpstat helps you to understand the tactics used by the niche leaders.

You can find the pages which has the best visibility this is not only derived by specific keyword but by its overall niche. It shows what all strategies have helped the niche leaders to be successful in the market.

You can also follow them to be successful in the market.

This analysis by Serpstat will display the top pages and the number of top URLs.

It will show the result of websites which has used organic keywords. Other results such as the LinkedIn shares, FB shares, Google plus shares will be displayed.

These results are displayed to generate the potential traffic received for it.

This tool is a great opportunity to make changes in some areas and to enhance your website.

Follow the Visibility and Keyword Trends

Your competitors have their own strength and weaknesses. Serpstat like other tools not only displays their strengths but it displays both the strengths and weaknesses.

The keywords trends are like the research of them. It can help you to reshape your website and its content.
Keyword research is fuel for your website.

It is not only important to be at the top up the visibility of the keyword is very important. With this analysis, you can find out how much your competitors have grown and you can give them a tough competition on displaying more of your strengths in the market.

Serpstat will produce an analysis of how much percentage competition is a domain in the market. It also displays the keyword which has more visibility in the market.

Monitor the Progress of your competitors

If you are able to give a tough competition for your competitors then Serpstat will also help you regarding this issue.

It is very important to survive in the market to grow and to sustain in the market. However, if you cannot compete in the market there are several elements which may make you incompetent.

The Serpstat will help you to examine the ways for improvement. It shows the weak spots of your website. These domain vs domain results of Serpstat will help you to rein the market.

It will allow you to enter your competitor’s domain name and lets you perform the comparing task. According to the domain names, you have entered it will display the keyword used by the domains.

If your competitors are losing the grip of some keyword then you can make use of this opportunity through the Serpstat competitor research analysis.

This domain vs. domain tool is very helpful to find the keywords which are unique on your competitor’s domain. This comparison can be done through paid searches and in an organic way also.

Whom can benefit from Serpstat?

Digital marketing agencies, in-house teams and SMB enterprises can benefit from the excellent features available in Serpstat. Any type of business who wants to make money with the website can use Serpstat.

You can join 265 958 members right now who are benefiting from the services of Serpstat.

You can make use of Serpstat plugin which will show you the details of all the domains and your ranking in it. This is the one-click feature because with just one click you will get all the information you need in the screen.

If you have a doubt on using some of the features in Serpstat there are manuals you can utilise. You can read the manual which has several steps to create a project.

You can begin the SEO campaign with the Serpstat by following the steps

• There is a list of projects is a section where you can choose the option of an existing project or create a new project.
• Then use the rank tracking feature.
• Perform a site of the site with the audit feature.
• Go to the backlink analysis, the domain analysis or the keyword analysis.
• Set up the email reporting for the analysis you have conducted.
Analysis of the website analysis- domain and URL analysis
• This section has two major tools called domain analysis and URL analysis. You can enter the domain name for the analysis of the domain. Perform a URL analysis for the URL of your site in the Serpstat. There are particular strategies you can search for in the Serpstat. The URL will be displayed as per the category you choose. Search for the related data, positions, keywords etc.

Keyword research

You can collect the right keywords for the whole site or specific categories to enhance the SEO. Have a peek at the top contents in the industry and the effectively paid keywords and the market research competition at the URL and the domain levels. You can know what you can do to improve your site rankings.

SEO research

You can get the keywords for the domain with the help of the SEO research. Increase the keyword pool with high-performance keywords. You can also know about the competitors you have in the site rankings. Not just their domain but also the URLs. Identify what kind of questions your customers are typing in Google’s search bar and research the market. Use the questions to make a plan to make a creative content of your own. It will show over a hundred domains SERP report analysis of the keyword.

PPC research

This research will give you suggestions on the paid keywords which are similar to your original keywords. The show ads will be displayed for the keywords and the landing pages which are being promoted through the paid search in the industry.

Backlink analysis

Examine your backlink profile with the tool backlink analysis which will monitor new and the lost backlinks. You can measure the authority of the link and research the links to search for sites and pages that will link with them. Click on the search in the Serpstat to know about the position f the backlink sites.

Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tool will support the rankings tracking to the wide level for you to rank the site. It can be used on a daily basis. Track the positions of your target keywords too. Get on the list of the ten ranking site with the assistance of the rank tracker. It is easy to track your rank in the rank tracker. You can change the name of your project, search engines, keywords, schedule, and project sharing with the aid of the rank tracker.

Tools and clustering audit

This is a section in the Serpstat where you can see and download the reports you must have exported last month. You can upload the list of the keywords to analyse their quality. You can begin the keyword grouping and text analytics. Browse for the lasted reports to see the status of your site. Group the keywords and text analytics for you to identify the most profitable and effective keywords. Clustering of the keywords is essential for growing the related keywords, automatic analysis of the set of keywords, collecting the proper keywords for the specific pages, creating the site’s architecture, searching for the keywords that are not related to your field to eliminate it.


Using this profile section you can add the avatar of the user with the gravatar. Email address to register to the account. You can create the account ID and activate the promo code button. The date of the following limit reset for the tools such as website audit, clustering, text analysis and the Serpstat API. List of the queries can also be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Whats the Accurate SERP rank checker comparing Semrush and ahrefs?

Search engine results or the SERP are the pages shown in the search engines for the queries asked by the searcher. This is important to the growth of any businesses in the online world to improve their web rankings. Serpstat is an affordable on various package platform good for SEO SEM professionals to analyse website and find the right SERP results as comparing to Semrush and ahrefs (Semrush and ahrefs are bit higher platform and expensive)

• Is the Serpstat Best position tracker?

Serpstat will help you to reach your goal with the process SERP research analytics. Your keywords rankings will be thoroughly analysed and the process will show you where you are high and what you lack. Yes it has inbuild trakcer tool to anlayse your keywords and helps improve your results.

• How to use Serpstat as SEO Platforms?

By this complete research with the advanced analytics of SERPSTAT seo tool, you can know the quality of your SEO work. When you check your site in the Serpstat it will display the accurate results for your information

• How to use SERPSTAT SEO Tools for marketing sites?

Yes. You can use this SERPSTAT SEO tools for any website /blog/content SERP analyses and helps to improve your marketing presence.

• Is this Serpstat best Web page analysis for your sites?

This section has two major tools called domain analysis and URL analysis. You can enter the domain name for the analysis of the domain. Perform a URL analysis for the URL of your site in the Serpstat.

• How to conduct the Site audit for sites in Serpstat?

Serpstat domain optimisation score will reveal the accurate score of your domain and its visibility. It will show the rank and position your site is placed by the search engines.

• What is the Number one SEO platform? Would you recommend SERPSTAT as the Number one SEO Platform?

There are quiet good SEO platforms available in the internet today. Comparing to other expensive platforms, The number one SEO platform is Serpstat because it has many unique features and have been awarded by professionals.

• How to clean the business website by using Serpstat?

You can get rid of the old post and comments on the site to make room for new ones. These types of things in the site can be cleaned with the help of the clean-up feature in the Serpstat.

• Is the Serpstat best site to check SEO?

Serpstat is the best site to choose the SEO rankings of the site.

• How to use the PPC marketing to grow your blog by Serpstat?

You can use the PPC tools in the Serpstat to increase the rankings of the blog.

• How to know the website rankings by Serpstat?

Use the excellent position tracking feature in the Serpstat to know the website rankings.

• How to find out the Status of the SERP by Serpstat?

You can know the status of the SERP with Serpstat rank checker.

• How to know the site report by Serpstat?

Use the analytics checker in the Serpstat to know the site report.

• How to do keyword research in Serpstat?

Run the keyword you want to check in the keyword analysis of Serpstat.

• How reliable is Serpstat?

Serpstat is 100 percent reliable as it provides the accurate and authentic results.

• How to increase the traffic on the site with help of Serpstat?

Increase the traffic with the help of Serpstat checker. You can analyse the top pages for the keywords and do content marketing to increase the traffic to your website.

• How to find effective keywords for the site by using Serpstat?

Find the most popular and searched keywords in the Serpstat keyword search.

• How to boost the SEO of the site by Serpstat?

Boost the SEO of the site with Serpstat.

• How to increase the visitor landings on the business site with help of Serpstat?

The visitors will only visit the site which has the keyword that matches with the searches. This can be done in the Serpstat.