CreatorLuke Maguire
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Release Date30 September 2020
BenefitsProfileMate is the best Instagram analyse and strategy tool to contact any Instagram profiles followers and extract their name, email id, phone number etc. It is useful for all affiliate marketer, digital marketer, social media evangelist, bloggers or anyone looking for Instagram FANBASE Data. Highly profitable.

Has anyone ever said that one could thrive in e-commerce without using the customer data? No, there are no shortcuts. There are no walkarounds. You need accurate data to at least survive in the field of internet marketing.

You may be draining your wallets on FB and Google ads. But does that bring you any comfortable profit or at least awareness about your brand? If your answer is negative, then you are doing it wrong. Now think, if you could target your future customers directly through their inbox with bonus and lucrative offers, don’t you take a shot? If yes, that’s where the necessity for data appears gently with a storm on its tail.

To target your potential customers through emails and messages, in the first place, you need their mail ids. Your fellow internet marketing seniors found to be using subscriber boxes popping out on their content to capture leads. But it takes time. You may be thinking of buying data from a data outsourcing firm. But their charges are hefty. But, there is a better option you can go for, which is Luke Maguireā€™s ProfileMate.

The Profilemate is automation software that is designed for today’s popular people gathering spot ‘Instagram’. Of course, Facebook is still popular, but people have started pooling on Instagram for a while. Whatever your business niche is, there is a parody page or influencer page or hashtags running on Instagram with millions of followers.

Now, that gets pretty easy to find people to target and, at the same time, absurd. The absurdity is, how are you planning to push your offers to your targets-By pushing follow requests first? People have become celebrities themselves. So, it’ll take months for your requests to get accepted. There is no need to be scared because there is this Profilemate to help you out.

What is Profilemate?

Profilmate is a tool created by Luke Maguire to snatch profile details of your customers from a certain user’s list of followers, hashtag searches, likes, and comments. It collects data like Email ids, preferences, locations, and public phone numbers. It’ll help you create a target list for your niche totally in an ethical way.

How Profilemate works?

There are half-a-billion users on Instagram. Everyone on the platform is interested in something that you are about to sell. Identifying them may not a big deal but, converting them into your customer is definitely might.

So, for example, you are about to market Marvel and DC toys and comics. You need to find people who have a similar interest in those products. You need to find people who couldn’t resist spending money on them. So, you can find them on Instagram from its thousands of pages sharing marvel and DC fandom pages and hashtags. Let’s be realistic and confine to a page called @dccomics of Instagram.

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

The ‘dccomics’ page is an official page of the DC universe and has a herd of 10.5 million followers. The page has a total of 3000+ posts, and each post is being interacted with by more than 40000+ people. In a direct way, you should have to DM everyone about your products and offers and wait for the conversion. But with Profilemate, the task gets simplified.

Step-1: Finding users:

Once you enter the dashboard, you will see the “Find User” option. By clicking it you’ll be taken to the “Extract Target Users” page. Down below, choose the “Follower Following” option among the three other options, which are Specific post’s liker/commenters, from Hashtag, and Location.

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

Step-2: Find the specific page:

On the “Follower Following” page there’ll appear two options, which are “View my own account’s analytics” and “View any other account’s analytics”. Select the first one and enter the account name ‘tonyrobbins’.

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review
What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

Step-3: Collecting the data:

The search result will come up with a bunch of similar pages. Find the right one and let the Profilemate pull up your targets.

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review
What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review
What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

Step-4: Downloading the list:

Once the process is complete, get to the ‘Analyse User’ section and check the necessary fields to download the file.

The list will be comprised of a user name and their biography, phone number(if there is one), Email id(if there is one), City(if mentioned), follower count, engagement rate, and link in accounts like websites or something.

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While there are millions following the Tonyrobbins page, the list comes with private accounts you cannot omit. However, you can omit them while downloading them. Email ids are the most important aspects of the download as they are the key to your sales pitch.

Now, you have the mail ids of your target audience. How do you start pitching? No, do not start with “Hey there! I got awesome products you might like” and get marked as spam immediately.

It’s better to use autoresponders of your own. Customize the message like warming up the target before introducing your products.

What are the best features of Profilemate?

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

Using public data:

You are not doing anything illegal or unethical with Profilemate. It helps you to find users who set their profiles public, which means they are interested to be contacted.

Offers you with thousands of contacts:

Your internet marketing business cannot grow without contacts. That’s why Profilemate feeds your contact list with thousands of email IDs and phone numbers each day.

Competitor analysis:

Check the business of your competitors on Instagram or like-minded pages selling or promoting similar products with Profilemate. Profilemate helps you to access the real marketing strategy.

Turn the Fans into a Customer:

Profilemate helps you to find people with similar interests and actively engaging with a certain niche. Profilemate helps you to target them and convert them into leads.

No installation needed:

Profilemate is a Chrome Extension. So, you don’t need to install them on your computer. Just install them on your Chrome Browser and start collecting some public data.

Stop guessing and start converting:

You may be posting different updates on your Instagram profile and waiting for conversion. You may be spending a lot of money on Instagram ads hoping for a greater reach. But, such things generally fall under guesses. There is a 50-50 chance for higher conversion. But, Profilemate helps you to prevent the guessing work. With a lot of user details, there comes a chance to message them directly through Profilemate. Targeting those who wanted to be targeted and those who engage with certain content has become easy with Profilemate.

Saves time and workforce:

Collecting thousands of user data manually from Instagram takes a large workforce and time. But, Profilemate can do that in minutes through automation.

Be a step ahead in the competition:

Profilemate not only gives you the follower details of some random fan pages and influencer pages, but it can also analyze your competitors’ profile, their followers, and their post engagements. When you know your competitor, the strategy gets a straight course.

Start with your own account:

Why crawling through some others’ account when your account already has a lot of followers? Better start with your own account and find potential fans who can be turned into a sale.

Pros of Profilemate:

Profilemate is beginner-friendly.

It can be implemented in any type of niche.

It is a web-based software-no installation required.

It’ll help you start within minutes after the setup.

There is access to White-Glove support.

It can ethically collect Instagram User data.

It involves no extra expenses.

It can scan any profile.

One can search for 2000-3000 users a day.

One can collect a minimum of 50-150 emails in a day. However, the count may exceed.

It’ll help to convert both fans and competitors into a sale.

It includes a step-by-step training guide.

Who can use this tool?

For list builders out there, this Profilemate will ease your burden a lot. Other than list builders, Profilemate can be used by Social media marketers, affiliate marketers, Instagram influencers, freelancers, and local businesses that use Instagram for leads. Also, bloggers and vloggers, graduates who are looking for a new business, online coaches to get leads, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Profilemate.

Price and Upsells:

Unlike other tools in the market, Profilemate doesn’t collect monthly charges from its users. Its frontend price starts at just $47, which is a one-time payment.

What is Luke Maguire's Profilemate Instagram Fan Growth, Email Building Software? - Honest Review

OTO-1: VIP Training

This VIP Training OTO is $67(one-time).

This OTO comes with ten webinar series to help people to convert the information generated by Profilemate into sales. Any level of affiliate marketers, local marketing agencies, or e-coms can benefit from this.

OTO-2: VIP Searches

This VIP Searches OTO is $47/Month

While the front-end pack only allows you to search only 2K-3k users each day, this OTO will increase your search limit. Surpass the regular search limit to let the tool work all day and gather valuable information.

OTO-3: Unbranded Agency Account Key Licences

This OTO cost $197-$497.

This OTO lets the license holder sell Profilemate to their clients as if it is made by them.

10 unbranded accounts cost $197.

50 unbranded accounts cost $497.


Profilemate is celebrating its launch by giving away some bonuses to their customers. The commercial license is one of the four bonus products that is coming with the Profilemate purchase. As we discussed the Commerical Licence above in this article, we’re moving to the next in the list.

Engagement Report Module:

The Engagement Report Module is a tool that will analyze and report your post stats. It’ll show you how your posts are performing to give you an idea of what to change and what to not on your next post.

Insta Image Editor:

Insta Image Editor is an exclusive image editor designed by the Profilemate team that is coming as a bonus, only during the launch week. Getting a perfect size of an image is always a tough task with the existing image editor of Instagram. But with Insta Image Editor, you can always, get the perfect image size for each Instagram post.

Insta and FB Font Changer:

are you still advertising on Insta and FB with the same only fashioned fonts? Then it is time to stand out of the crowd with different font styles. While Instagram or FB won’t allow you to go too far from their existing font styles, this Insta and FB Font Changer would. This Insta and Fb Font Changer is the fourth bonus one will be getting with the Profilemate purchase.

Moreover, there is a refund option:

In any case, if you feel the Profilemate does not suit you well, then you can return the purchase with a refund. However, the full refund guarantee works within fourteen days from the purchase date.


When comparing the workforce and time that is required to collect the largest user data, Profilemate takes only a few minutes to do that. It saves time, expenses, and manpower like never before.

Profilemate prevents an affiliate marketer or a digital marketer from spending a lot of money on external list-builder agencies only to get a few names and contact details.

Profilemate helps to target those who are already engaged with the products you are about to sell. So, guessing works can be kept aside, if you have the profilemate.

Profilemate helps you spend less on ads and promotions by offering a chance for direct messaging. Moreover, it only takes the use of details of those who kept their profile public. So, the tool’s actions are completely bound by moral ethics.

If you are using some dead methods for list building, then it is the best time to jump over to Profilemate and start doing higher conversions.

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