ProductMy Virtual Tours
CreatorMario Brown
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
Release Date14 October 2020
BenefitsCreate and render diagrams in 3D in minutes and provide virtual tours for your clients. 3D view of your events, ecommerce business, Realestate, teaching, showrooms, and any of your business. Leadgeneration built in autoresponder, background music, and cutting-edge analytics..It is suitable for all people to show their business and get more clients.

The pandemic has brought enough twists and turns for the year and the consequences will be reflected, better says continue, in the coming years. From an ironic perspective, the local businesses running in both developing and under-developing countries that were trying to thrive are crumbling with the lockdowns and post-lockdown consequences. Most of the startups are filled with no customers due to people’s mobility restrictions.

Lead generation for businesses has come to halt or at least slowed down since the emergence of the pandemic. Public gathering areas have been shut and started regaining its previous position gradually. To not to be mention, the pandemic has only leveraged the competition in both offline and online businesses. But, how your business is planning to survive this? May be some way old techniques like frequent ads, bonuses, and unlimited ad spends or purchasing expensive apps and tools! I got to tell you there is something you can do worthy to retain your business back on track.

Your customers are already in fear of this contagious disease. So, they’ll hardly visit you in your office or business site. But, you can help them visit your office from their comfort zone. No, this is not about some random video chatting thing. This is about creating a virtual office for your business and the customers who believe in that.

With My Virtual Tour 360° you can showcase your business space virtually for any visitor to your website, or ad campaigns, and more.

If you are running a real estate firm, this is the best option to get your visitor engaged in your properties, without them visiting your sites personally. One can simply overthrow your old 2D photos and include your new 3D photos to your website, which will ultimately engage the visitors and boost up your lead generation potential.

However, the tool is not limited to real estate alone. It can be widely used in fields like education, healthcare, automotive, e-commerce, architecture, and more.

How consumers have changed?

People of the consumer community have changed a lot, way before the emergence of this pandemic. Time-saving thoughts prevailed among them, and so the new ways to reach consumer points such as personal email advertisements and personalized bonuses and offers. Further, the competition extends to product videos and promotions. But, those ways have obtained a lot of competition in recent years and there arose the requirement of new sales techniques, such as Virtual Reality.

VR is a humongous victory of the 21’s century’s technological development. But, people were reluctant to properly harnessing the technology, when the VR was in its developmental stage. But, the time has changed, particularly the pandemic.

Most of the businesses have chosen to include the 3D version of their offices and business space on their website or landing page. So people can interact longer with them and that could possibly result in a lead. Now, My Virtual Tour has just optimized the 3D business dealings.

How My Virtual Tour 360 Works?

All you need is photos of your office space or store that shows every nooks and corner of them. Stand in a particular spot in your office and click a 360 image of your shop. You can use either a 360 camera or just your smartphone with a better camera.

Now open your My Virtual Tour 360 and create a project. Name the project and upload your photos. Now, just sit and relax, until the tool creates your virtual office space. Now include call-to-action buttons on your 360 images such as logo, image, polls, texts, links, pop-ups, and more.

What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review
What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review
What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review
What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review
What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review
What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review

If you felt everything’s good, then think of publishing it. Copy your virtual tour’s, embedding code, and paste it on your website, social media pages, landing pages, or more. With this My Virtual Tour, 100% engagement is certain and inevitable.

To whom My Virtual Tour 360 could benefit?

Local business owners

Real estate agents

Online coaches



E-Commerce owners

Offline business owners


are the primary benefiting community from this My Virtual Tours. However, there are more such as bloggers and vloggers, content creators, freelancers, list builders, and more.

What are the Features of My Virtual Tour?

It is hosted on the cloud:

You need not download and install this My Virtual Tour tool to your computer. It is 100% could host. You just need an account. You 360 tours will also be saved in their Google-grade server. It’s safe and sound with zero down-time.


There are many ways to engage your clients, or consumers with your products, such as compelling product videos or interactive quizzes. But, a 360 view of your shop is indeed otherworldly. Moreover, My Virtual Tour 360 can help you include all the other engagement properties such as quizzes on them.

Add background music:

You can create an impact on your visitors by offering them a real in-store feel with this My Virtual Tour. That is the primary goal anyway. So you can use background music that you use to play in your shop.

Include a review video:

There is an option to include review videos on your virtual tour. Boost up your credibility from the consumer point-of-view by adding a review video on your products in your shop.

Include a live chat option:

Do you feel like a live chat is even better than a review video? Then go for it with My Virtual Tour software. Add a live chat button to your virtual store and interact with people who come in through it. Just feel alive online!

Render your virtual space in a minute?

While much “My Virtual Tour-like” software takes half a day or more to render a 360 virtual space, My Virtual Tour takes only a few minutes. The render will always be in a High-Definition and clear.

Integrate your tour with Business and Social Integration tools:

What is the point of doing a campaign or any promotion when its performance cannot be tracked or overseen? That’s why My Virtual Tool integrated with integration tools like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel to give you the real-time performance data of your virtual tour.

Generate Leads directly:

My Virtual Tour gives you options to integrate it with auto responders. So, the job of collecting emails and segregating them is eliminated. It allows you to integrate any auto responder tool with it, such as MailChimp.

What is Mario Brown's My Virtual Tours (360 Virtual Tours + Built in Live Chat like Zoom) Immerse Virtual Tour Reality Experience Software - Honest Review

Embed it anywhere you like:

Your virtual tour can be embedded anywhere such as sales pages, e-commerce spaces, websites, landing pages, or blogs.

Get 24/7 support:

It’s not got over when you are done purchasing the tool. Actually, the relationship gets strengthened instead. You’ll be supported throughout your membership any day anytime.

Completely beginner-friendly:

Throw the learning curve in the Marina Trench. You can start creating your virtual space within minutes with this My Virtual Tour. Also, if you have this My Virtual Tour on your browser, you can simply kick out all the eight different apps that you were using to create a virtual space previously.

What makes My Virtual Tours unique:

Comparing My Virtual Tour with similar software in the market such as Kuula, Pano2Vr, VrAgency360, and Seekbeak, the outcomes are obviously leaning over My Virtual Tours.

The things that are unique to My Virtual Tours are

Live Chat, Live Video Call, and Live Screen Share options.

Custom hotspot icons

Easy-to-use interface

Floor plan uploading option

Lead generation pop-up option

Google and Facebooks analytics integration

Background music

Embed codes

Team member collaboration


Audi track collections

Stock images and videos

1 click social sharing

Automatic rotation tour


One-Time Payment.

14-days money-back guarantee

Commercial options:

With the commercial license, one can become an authentic project seller of My Virtual Tour. You can sell projects to your clients directly from the My Virtual Tour space.

Pricing and Upsells:

For a very limited time, you can get this My Virtual Tour for just $49. Other than that there are four upsell packages you can opt-in.

Upsell-1: My Virtual Tour Pro:

Key Features:

This Upsell-1 package allows the use the remove My Virtual Tour logos and other brandings like “Powered by My Virtual Tour”.

Unlimited commercial license

50,000 Stock Videos

50,000 Stock Images

Team collaboration that lets your team create projects for you.

This Pro package allows you to resell My Virtual Tour to 50 people. Certainly, you can keep the profit.

The Package is just $77/One-time.

Upsell 2: Interactive Video Software + Resell Rights:

This upsell allows you to include all the things that are needed for larger conversion and sales without doing any sales literally.

Add call to action buttons like Buy Now, Add to cart, social icons, and more directly inside the tour.

Add quizzes and polls inside the tour to give them live feedback.

Add opt-in forms inside your tour to strengthen your relationship with your viewer.

Create an endless video loop by adding videos to your videos. You can do that by simply embed your another video into your current video. Example: You can simply add a Kitchen icon on any door, upon which the viewers click into entering the kitchen.

Add maps and slides

Add text-overlays

Add re-direct buttons

Add images

Add your own logos and branding materials

Let your viewer download files, such as PDFs, while they are on the virtual tour.

Sell My Virtual Tours inclusive of hosting to your clients

Get the commercial license

Integrate With Youzign

Price: $69/One-Time

Upsell-3: My Virtual Tour Marketing Kit:

Done-For-You materials:

Get YouTube video ads, animated videos, video SEOs along with the tool. You can circulate them to find clients who are looking for a virtual tour project.

Also, you get a ready-made agency website, which is completely customizable.

Ready-made PowerPoint and word

Highly optimized cold call email sequence

Print-ready commercial graphic templates

Facebook ads creative

Pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts

Legal contracts

Pricing: $67/One-time.

Upsell: 4- My Virtual Tour White Lable

Key Features:

With the white label license from My Virtual Tour, you get the right to become the owner of the software.

You are enabled to build your ownership on this software. So, you can sell your projects that are done with this software with your own brandings like logo and colors.

You can use your own domain.

You are allowed to keep 100% of the profit.

Payment integration with PayPal

Pricing: $147.$497 One-time

Upsell:5-Agency Software Bundle

Complete integration with either FX Funnel or Videoz Agency.

FX Funnel is the smartest membership and funnel builder that can overlook your digital or physical product sale without hassles.

Key Feature of FX Funnel:

Prepare profitable funnel in minutes with proven templates.

Creating a sales funnel for any niche will be done in minutes.

Uses drag-n-drop feature to fasten the creation

Exclusive profit-prediction system

Enhanced privacy protection prevents personal data breaches

Connects with any payment processor of your choice

Videoz Features:

One can create compelling videos of any kind such as whiteboard, animated, real person, and more for any type of niche, which can generate more income.

Include a voice over for your video

Ready-made video templates.

Cloud-based hosting.

Built-in royalty-free music library


No commission or hidden fee.


If you own a local business, creating a virtual space for your shop or office will boost your lead generation ability. Moreover, there are a lot of options with My Virtual Tour that are mainly designed to boost sales and build a relationship with customers.

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