Are you looking for a “My Super Affiliate Builder?” Please check my reviews about “My Super Affiliate Builder” below and show you the best features of the product and how to get cheap $0.02 Leads and Conversions for your online business.

NameMy Super Affiliate builder
Use ForSimple "Point n Click" Software to Get ultra Cheap leads and Conversions.
Builds an interactive "Intelli" Style quizzes and results pages or articles based on visitors answers.
CreatorAndrew Fox & Chris Fox
Official WebsiteClick Here
SkillsNo Special Skills Need. Beginners to Pro can use this!
Price$39 - $197. Click here to See Prices now.
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Gurantee
Our RecommendationHighly Recommended.

My super affiliate builder is a brand new WordPress plugin, funnel builder, and marketing software developed by famous Andrew Fox and Chris Fox.

This is a powerful converting funnel builder tool for WordPress based platform. This fabulous plugin can build affiliate marketers into super-affiliates and it helps you to convert your ad spend into money.

It is incredibly simple to understand and get enhanced conversions with your Facebook advertising.

With this Software plugin, the problems of Facebook ads manager getting shutdown can be avoided. You can easily get hyper conversions – 587% ROI, cheap traffic, sales, and promoted as a super-affiliate in multiple industries.

Being basically Quiz builder software, it helps you to build an interactive ‘Intelli’ style quizzes. This means that depending upon how your visitors respond to your questions. You can send them to the best suitable offer based on their response. The aim of this software plugin is to turn common people into super affiliates in a shorter duration.

How to Build Your Online Business Lead Survey in Minutes Below with “My Super Affiliate Builder” Wp plugin?


My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder Review – The Creators

The Team behind My Super Affiliate Builder is Andrew Fox & Chris Fox

Andrew Fox is an online marketer, a successful internet entrepreneur, software developer and a very popular Software vendor having over 20 years of experience in Internet marketing. The developer has also developed many other software which are popularly used.

Andrew Fox Chris-Fox

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Working with the Tool

1) It works by ensuring customers to fulfil their needs.
2) The important task is make a high-generating template from the ready-made templates as a way to keep customers engaged.
3) Then with the Intelli Funnels, it will map out the flow of questions from your website which can then connect customers to the products for which your advertisements are made.
4) It will automatically work for you so that it is not necessary for you to involve in some special ways to engage and guide your customers.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Features

• Make your own templates
• Clone any of the component with auto 1 click feature
• Completely Customizable Question Module
• Intelli Funnel – Automatic maps of your survey funnels
• Intelli Thank You Pages – Generate Custom Thank you page according to the responses
• Intelli Auto Segment leads based upon their responses
• Mail Service Integrations (Aweber, Mailchimp)
• Export your outcomes
• Complete Zapier Integration
• Facebook event manager support for quick pixel tracking
• My Super Affiliate Builder makes your day so much easier.
• The system’s main purpose is to help affiliate marketers to avoid shutting down of their accounts in Facebook and in other social media platforms as well by keeping customers engaged

my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast
my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast
my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast
my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast
my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast
my super affiliate builder review - 8pmpodcast

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – How to customize Header & Footer

• Customise your header with full customisation options
• Add your own logo
• Add Title text
• Background Colour
• Alignment right and left
• Vertical adjustment
• Font Site

How easily convertible “ready-made” templates

• Choose a verified high converting template that is available.
• Internet Marketing ads
• Health conscious
• To enable Fitness
• Sleeping issues
• Real Estate related

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – How to Build your Own Templates

• Save your suitable template to your own dash board to use it promptly.
• ‘Ready-made’ templates are totally tailor-made for your requirements.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Auto Cloning with a Single Click

• With just a single click, it possible to clone your requirements necessary.
This saves you time and the templates can be put in use effectively.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Flexible questions module

• Add Image
• Add True or False
• Intelli answer – Automatic prompts will appear to the user to fill the required responses.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Intelli Funnels – Funnels will be mapped automatically based on the surveys

• Make an appealing design suitable for users worldwide.
• Questions can be customized using various options available
• For every response a required response can be chosen from the list.
• Watch our video in our official website, to see this amazing feature works-how.

Intelli Results – Thank you page – My Super Affiliate Builder

• Create Custom redirected URL
• Edit header
• Edit background image
• Opt In pop-up appear
• Deliver Image EBook Cover
• Dynamic results

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Intelli auto segment leads based upon their responses

• Create segmented mailing lists based on answers ‘Example, if someone says he is 20-25 Male, wants to buy electronic gadgets – you can add to your specific list in the auto-responder.
• User defined and redirected URL can be configured upon response is possible.
• Really high Affiliate Conversions – Move them to the correct affiliate offers depending on their responses.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Mail service integration

It is possible to have easy connections with the very familiar auto-responder software available. And even we have the option to “export all leads” in your convenient place and use it appropriately. The below integration services can be useful –
• Mall Chimp
• Aweber
• Active Campaign
• Get Response

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Export your lists

• You can also export your lists at any time
• Export specific lists and upload to any of the auto-responder software.
• It works within a single click
• Just login to your account, then click Export and your file will be downloaded within few seconds.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Complete Zapier integration

• They have teamed up with Zapier so you can integrate into multiple winning services to automate.

My Super Affiliate WordPress Quiz Builder – Why Should You Buy?

For affiliate earnings and to have good conversions with the various customers and to mainly avoid shutting down of your Facebook Ad Account using FB Ads manager, then this software plugin is an optimal choice.

With its low cost investment of $37, this investment is entirely risk-free. My Super Affiliate Builder even has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

When you choose My Super Affiliate Builder, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded- with no questions been asked.

This is one of the best Affiliate Marketing builders available to build your stronger and smarter network.

money back guarante - my super affiliate quiz builder
compatible with os - my super affiliate quiz builder

FAQ – My Super Affiliate Builder

1. Do we need to pay any initial amount?
Yes, an initial amount of $37 is needed to buy this product, which is really less in cost.

2. How do I access it?
You just need WordPress based site and install the software plug in.

3. What are intelli funnels?
My Super Affiliate Builder was especially designed to make it easy for the user to build your lists and create funnels called “Intelli Funnels”.

4. How does My Super Affiliate Builder work?
The Super Affiliate builder makes mega conversions and helps affiliates to avoid getting shut down of their FB Ad manager accounts. ‘Intelli funnels” are used to provide the same content expected by the user in a perfect trend.

5. What are the special features of My Super Affiliate Builder?
With as low as $0.01 per clicks and with the autopilot option, the mailing lists can be obtained.

6. How does this lower my cost per click?
Increasing your engagement reduces your bounce rate which improves your quality score with ad networks, reducing your cost per click.

7. My Super Affiliate Builder is automated software?

With the use of the templates and Intelli Funnels, it will connect the flow of questions with the expected answers posted by the appropriate customers to the products that you are promoting.

8. Is it easy to use?
My Super Affiliate Builder was designed for common people and it is an easier tool.

9. Is it appropriate for beginner level affiliates?
It was designed for beginners and average affiliate marketers to help them become super affiliates themselves with less effort and time.

10. Can the funnels be customized by users?
It is capable of building fully customizable funnels and forms including texts, choosing colours, alignment, and images. Even create your own templates.

11. Is it necessary to have support of any websites?
To use Super Affiliate Builder, you need a WordPress website with the WP plugin installed.

12. Any potential risks involved?
With its wide array of features including customizable templates and the Intelli Funnels, the result will be high conversions of customers. This investment is completely risk-free.

13. Is there any target?
The target is as low as $0.01 Clicks and with autopilot option, it enables appropriate mailing lists.

14. What are the pros and cons of signing up for this software?
• Gives penny Ad Clicks
• Keeps Ad Accounts always Open
• 587% Returns on Ad Spends
• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
• Beginner-friendly
• Lower One-Time Cost
• One time offers come with additional cost if you want access for more functional options.

15. Is My Super Affiliate Builder trust worthy?
The unique feature about My Super Affiliate Builder is that it is backed by years of affiliate marketing experience.

16. Will money be refunded if user feels unhappy?
If you are not completely happy, you can get a refund within 30 days.

17. Is there a monthly subscription fee?
No, My Super Affiliate Builder has a one-time cost of $37.

18. I have no technical knowledge, will I still be able to use this program?
The great thing about the program is that it’s beginner-friendly. No necessity to be with good technical knowledge.

19. Are there any other fee payments needed to be made?
No, user won’t have to spend extra money to get the best out of it.

20. Does this work with the latest version of WordPress?
Yes, My Super affiliate builder will work with the latest version of WordPress.

21. What autoresponder software does My Super Affiliate Builder can be integrated with?
Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Active Campaign and other common auto responders.

22. Can I add my Google and Facebook pixels to the survey pages?
Yes, there is built in option to just paste your pixel codes.

23. How easy is it to set up the questions and appropriate responses?
Very easy, Just add your question and answers one by one. Then use the drag and drop editor options to create the journey.

24. Can I only market affiliate products with My Super Affiliate Builder?
No, users can use it for other possessions like your own products, ecommerce products, services and so on.

25. What parts of the funnel pages can I edit?
Anything can be edited, like headers, footers, disclaimers, privacy policies and more, WYSIWYG editor – What You See Is What You Get, coding experience is not required.

26. Are the funnels mobile responsive?
Yes, they can be seen via mobile.

27. Will affiliate marketers see their records and earnings?
Yes, tracking details are available under each affiliate marketer’s account.

28. Can I have unlimited funnels?
Yes, when opted for pro-level package.

29. Can I use it with my auto responder software?
Yes, they can be directly configured.

30. Why does using My Super Affiliate Builder get such cheap traffic and keep accounts open?
Since the Ads are provided to big ad companies based on their necessity, in parallel it gives more users reach, they respond with more likes, comments and shares. This lowers you ad cost.