Video Streaming is a term that refers to listening to music or watching videos without having to download them. This is achieved by fragments sent sequentially through the network (such as the Internet). It is used in the Internet medium to refer to streaming media, which is the complete term for the transmission of video or audio. When the broadcast is live, it is known as live streaming.

Streaming video is a content that is sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming video, a user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. In fact, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives.

A end-user can use their media player to start playing digital video or digital audio content before the entire file has been transmitted to him. Delivery applies to telecommunications networks, as most of the delivery systems are either inherently streaming (e.g. television, streaming apps) or inherently non-streaming (e.g., video cassettes, audio CDs).

For example, live streaming is done when radio lives, YouTube etc is broadcast over the Internet.

  1. Distances do not exist – There is no need to move from home to enjoy any event or event of interest in real time.
  2. Immediate feedbacks is generated – Thanks to the social networks where we share our videos, we can get immediate feedback on what the audience thinks about our content, offering the option to change the focus if necessary.
  3. Greater reach – By being able to transmit live the activity, through the webs and social networks anyone can reach a greater number of interested in the content, regardless of the geographical limits.
  4. Transmits closeness and proximity – As far as brands are concerned, they can show a more casual side to their workers, because live recordings convey more naturalness and spontaneity.
  5. Low cost transmission – It is no longer necessary to make large investments in hardware and software that only large brands could afford. Currently, both small entrepreneurs and influencers and even any user can make a live streaming video with only a smart phone.
  6. Special announcements – Take advantage of this tool to make special announcements or exclusive releases.
  7. Monetize the content – Obtain income by monetizing the content, through, for example, advertising banners.
  8. Your users intervene in the interviews – Interviews with influencers. Users can ask live questions to the artists they admire, generating closeness between them.
  9. Direct customer services – Companies can make a video live streaming session in which they answer live questions and frequent problems that their users have, reflecting a clear interest of the brand for the welfare of its consumers. this maintains the brand name in the market.
  10. Good vibes – One of the key elements of streaming is the fun it offers among the participants, providing a space where people feel closer and understand that behind the brands there are people as real and simple as them.

Modern video streaming           

The people started using mobile phones and internet nearby 2010. After that the use of new technology started at a great scale. A drastic shift in video technology began nearby 2015. Legacy video streaming protocols built on different overlay networks, custom protocols, and specialized servers began to give way to chunked, connectionless, HTTP-based “modern streaming.” Organizations using modern video streaming software stand for the benefits:

Reduced video infrastructure costs ; Simplified network management complexity ; Improved IT ecosystem scalability; Enhanced video viewing experiences

For firms with video infrastructure built on legacy streaming protocols, Modern Streaming represents an inflection point. Continued investment in legacy technology may limit near-term disruption .it increases the eventual cost of switching, and limits the choice of technology providers who are actively divesting from the technologies.

Here are the 6 Best Video Streaming Software Tools

Youtube: (Its Absolutely FREE)

Until recently, in order to transmit streaming on YouTube, it was necessary to have an encoder,that is, a third-party program to encode the signal and be able to broadcast live. Even the same social network offered a list of verified encoders so that the transmission could be made with the least possible problems. It is now most widely used application for video streaming. The reason being that it is the single platform that provides most of the knowledge giving content. It is widely used by people of all age groups.

But it will not be necessary anymore! Now you can stream YouTube directly and instantly. With this new tool, YouTube will be able to compete with other social networks that already integrate this service such as Facebook Live, Twitter (through Periscope) or Instagram Direct.

How to stream live video from your YouTube account ?

To be able to carry out a streaming on YouTube, you will have to log in to your web page from the Chrome browser, although the platform indicates that soon this new feature will be available in different browsers.

Before starting to stream on YouTube, the social network will need to verify your identity by means of a phone number. According to the platform, this process could take up to 24 hours to complete, but once the user is verified, no other external program or subsequent verification will be required.

Ustream – Live Video Streaming Software

Ustream is an American video streaming and video hosting company. It is based in San Francisco. It is another great cloud-based live streaming video platform and hosting service. Its Streaming Manager is basically the equivalent of Ustream Pro broadcasting, and it’s specifically designed for broadcasting big events to reach large audiences.

Some of IBM ustream features include its centralized management for both external and internal video communications, Watson artificial intelligence to gain insights from unstructured video content, its built-in backup process with intelligent traffic management, and video content is automatically transcoded in the cloud for delivery to any devices.

This is used as-

  1. Sign it as ustream
  2. Click on “Log in / Sign up”, on the top right and then on “Sign Up”
  3. Fill the personal details required
  4. Sign in on the page
  5. Configure your transmission
  6. Click on ‘live’
  7. Create your Ustream channel by filling in the fields below and click “Next”
  8. Allow Adobe Flash to access your camera and microphone, by clicking “Allow”
  9. Click on “Make Broadcast” and if you want to record it click “Record” Now your transmission begins
  10. When finished, click on “Stop Broadcast” and if you recorded it, click on “Stop Recording”
  11. If you have recorded it, either save it or delete it

Livestream – Live Video Streaming Software

Livestream is a widely used live streaming video platform. Users can watch and show video online through camcorder, computer’s webcam, smartphone, camera, etc. The service offers the clients a variety of video tools, media players, embedding and sharing features that help to connect your live video to the audience.

Livestream offers 2 types of package plans:

  1. Professionals with advanced live streaming needs.
  2. Businesses focused on control, privacy and monetization

It also lets beginners to start a free trial to see what the experience of steaming is

  1. Download Livestream
  2. Log in to the application with your Facebook account or email
  3. Before starting the recordings, check out the available resources: increase the profile with photo and description, follow the friends that are also part of the social network and see what other users publish
  4. On the home screen, touch the camera icon, in red, to open the recording interface
  5. Create an event by “Select Event” and then “Create it”
  6. Enter name and time of duration and add a poster to the event
  7. To add description, tags and links to the event, go back to the homepage, select your profile, tap the event and add the supplementary information through the configuration button at the top of the screen;
  8. You can also schedule an event on Schedule post and communicate to followers. Thus the target audience is informed of the transmission in advance and more people can be reached
  9. Start streaming video by tapping the red button. Wait until the “start” is completed and the time count is displayed on the screen. You can switch between the front and rear cameras during recording
  10. Use the red button again to stop streaming. The app asks if the user wants to publish the recorded video. You cannot resume the same recording. But yes, add more videos and new broadcasts to the event. Just select “Select Event” in the recording interface and tap “Choose event”

The videos are displayed on the event page and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Enhance transmission with photos and text, using the camera icon and the quotation marks on the recording interface. The number of video views as well as tides and comments are displayed.

Slingstudio – Best Live Streaming Video Software Tool

SlingStudio is the new production system for multi camera and professional video live streaming. It is an accessible, wireless, portable multi-camera system that allows you to record edit and transmit high-definition content in real time to streaming platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube.

The system allows you to edit the contents with post production tools and the possibility to import into Adobe Premiere Pro CC using the SlingStudio plus-in.

The equipment can be connected to any HDMI camera with Camera Link; and smart phones can be connected using the Capture application for iOS and Android wirelessly. With the iPad Console application you can change, edit and manage the production, without the need to use extra equipment.

SlingStudio allows you to control the HD video inputs of up to 10 connected cameras and smartphones, while making live transmissions to services such as Facebook Live or YouTube and recording the contents on a USB hard disk, USB SSD or SD card to make the post production later.

To use the system you need the SlingStudio hub and the Console for iPad application. The Wireless Camera Link adapter connects to any DSLR or video camera with HDMI connection to transmit 1080p60 video to SlingStudio.

The system allows capturing from multiple angles connecting up to 10 video sources (DSLR cameras, video cameras, smart phones, computers and other equipment), using its private Wi-Fi network and video grade, without the need of an Internet connection. The equipment can be placed up to 90 meters from the hub and move easily as there are no cables to get in the way. DSLR and video cameras are connected using the Wireless Camera Link adapter, sold separately. Smart phones with iOS and Android are connected using the Capture application.

The iPad Console application is necessary to perform video production with SlingStudio. Anyone can  download it from the Apple App Store. It allows directors to control and create videos of up to four sources simultaneously and make drago and drop in the composition window. Directors can generate dynamic video compositions, with transition; add text, and mix audio. Everything can be done in real time when the video is broadcast live; and record at the same time on hard disk to perform post production. You can also connect external audio sources, mixers and monitors.

The individual recordings of each camera, in addition to the changes and audio lines are stored in a single location. The entire project can be imported into different editing applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Together with the SlingStudio hub, a series of accessories have been launched. CameraLink is priced at $ 349 and connects to the HDMI port of any DSLR or video camera to generate a wireless connection to the SlingStudio hub. It has a battery of up to two hours. The extra battery costs $ 149 and offers three hours of extra duration.

Mimolive – Best Live Streaming Video Software Tool

mimoLive is a universal, Multi-output video-video engine (it’s BoinxTV) is like your personal TV truck without the truck. Easy to learn and easy to learn, allows to spread a message on the website. Combine live webcams, video clips, photos, 3D graphics, the bottom of audio and more to create an impressive recording or live broadcast [/ center]

MimoLive is perfect for school, TV, events, conferences, videos, podcasts, presentations, instructional videos, streaming games, sporting events, concerts, sermons, and more. Stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more, you can write to the disk.

  1. The transfer of videos directly to YouTube, video, Facebook,, HitBox and more
  2. For use with private servers based on nginx or wowza streaming server rtmp or otherwise
  3. Add multiple cameras, nice graphics and integration with social media to make Your thread stand out
  4. Supports 360 videos on YouTube of

4.1. To create a portrait of the streams, or in any other format.

5. Position, scale, crop and convert the video format to any format

6. Powerful mimoLive graphics engine based on the concept of layers, which come together to form the end of the film

7. Graphic elements include text, images, standard, on the bottom, the logo of the station, boards, clocks, countdown, funds, animations and more.

8. Data elements are scoring sports, maps, weather, quotes, charts, Twitter and more.

9. The layers are customizable, allowing an easy to customize template for mimoLive your appearance

10. Create your own complex of layers, including the logic of the application, for example, to create the entire system of the game. This allows broadcasters to easily implement and test new ideas with the minimum investment

11. The green or blue screen key or the background colour that you want in real time

12. Chroma key Basics for situations when lighting is not adequate, for example, at home or in the classroom

13. Chroma key Pro to obtain the best result, when the lighting is more experienced

14. Real-time manipulation allows the use of chromakey in a live broadcast or pre-visualization of video production for a client

15. Endless fun for children!

16. File mimoLive recording video in high definition video editing on the unit at the same time, as streaming video and playing via SDI or on the second screen

17. From the entry in the H. 264 format download the video on a hosting platform

18. Record in pores for use in construction and other applications for video editing, if you still want to do post-production

19. Record in pores 4444 to preserve transparency in the alpha channel. Quick creation of animated graphics in the lower third, in English, or the Prime Minister of Adobe projects

20. An integrated switch supports up to four video sources of

20.1. Connect all video sources directly to mimoLive gives you the opportunity to use multiple sources simultaneously on the screen, for example, to show two or more cameras at the same time

20.2. If you need to change the video channels, mimoLive supports direct control of blackmagic design ATEM through the application

20.3. Use mimoLive for a comfortable game with graphics and video on the switch, or add an image on the video of the switch and transmit or record the resulting mix.

20.4. MimoLive for the integration in the current environment of broadcasting in powerful graphics of the slot or video machine.

20.5. The video playback, including the alpha channel using SDI with its help in the design of the device is divided into words and fill the signal.

20.6. Play video through a second analog or digital PC monitor connector, via VGA, DVI or HDMI to watch on the projector or on the stage on a television network at school.

20.7. MimoLive optimized for the 64-bit architecture of modern Mac computers, which leads to higher performance and greater stability.

20.8. Recording and streaming for several days, different video playback, not mimoLive to run out of memory

20.9. The use of modern OS X features such as full screen mode to achieve a better user experience. The requirements are- Intel 64-bit processor OS X 10.10 or later

Wirecast – Best Streaming Video Software Tool

Wirecast is a webcast program with which you can broadcast video and images directly from your computer, as if it were a live television program.

With Wirecast you can mount a retransmission using several types of sources. For example, you can add audio and video files, IP camera recordings and filler plans. You can also add transitions and entrances to finish the job.

To broadcast your production you only have to configure Wirecast by entering the URL of the server where you will host your broadcast, define the quality of it and share the link with your audience.

Who knows, maybe you have a TV presenter inside and thanks to Wirecast you discover it.

Added support for 25fps canvases Added support for dynamic sources in the SDK Added support for OAuth when connecting with YouTube Live Added support for YouTube Live V2 Fixed bug with Skype Added support for XOS Digital ThunderCloud LiveScore Service


• Added support for 25fps canvases Added support for dynamic sources in the SDK Added support for OAuth when connecting with YouTube Live Added support for YouTube Live V2 Fixed bug with Skype Added support for XOS Digital ThunderCloud LiveScore Service.


Allows you to add different sources at the same time; Connection with IP cameras ; Configuration possibilities


The issuance process is elaborated; Somewhat dated interface ; Limited filler image gallery

Which live video streaming software is the best?

The answer given by every person is different. An application may be best for a person but worst for other person.  It depends upon the priorities.

The key points we should consider before choosing video streaming application.

  1. Its features must match our needs.
  2. There should not be comprehensive documentation
  3. There should be community forum and support system
  4. Which programming language supports it
  5. It should be easy to use