How to start a Blog in Cloudways under budget?

Blogging has become one of the most influential jobs today. People across the world, a certain percent of them, have become bloggers in various niches.

Over seven million blog posts are published on the web each day, and the count of active blogs on the internet is mesmerizingly more than 500 million today. There are various reasons a person could start a blog and possibly start earning through it.

There are various niches in the world one can choose a built a community around it by just blogging about it. There are many good things about blogging or starting a blog on the internet.

But there are downfalls too; like this one, “starting a blog needs more money, and one cannot simply blog with a penny.” Actually, that idea is partially accurate, while it’s somewhat not at the same time. Like Cloudways Cloud hosting service, many places on the internet where your budget is respected while many don’t.

Here in this article, we discuss an interesting topic, how could you start a blog under a minimum budget, say $10? But, before that, we need to understand “why you need a blog,” “how a blog could be helpful for your business or at least to you.”

Reasons to own a blog?

Coveying a neglected story to the masses:

There is no shortage of extraordinary stories in this world. Something is being invented almost every day, from tiny nanobots to groundbreaking technologies. Indeed, journals consider only a few of those inventions as valuable stories for their front page.

A blog could bring society away from journalists and their story segregations. Different stories value differently to different people. With a blog, you earn a chance to publish a valuable story neglected by others. You might possess the knack of conveying a dull story in a way that inspires the reader; why wasting that talent.

How to Establish your authority on a specific niche or multiple niches:

The time where blogging was truly all about sharing knowledge has gone a long way. Today, it’s all about creating an authority. As soon as professionals started using blogs to showcase their portfolios and their skills; soon a trend began.

Now one can find different answers for a single question by just typing a keyword from the question. People started thinking that, “dude, I know something about this product and like to share it with the people.”

Communication technology is surging up for the past fifteen years. This made people read a lot about different things and encouraged quite a lot among them to become bloggers and express their thoughts over literally anything.

Some quiet in the middle, while others kept publishing something about their niches and build authority and trust. Later, they have become the bridge between people and the product. You can become a bridge too.

How Building a community that opens an opportunity for you or to your business:

For any business that wants to sell something or anything from a product to a service, blogging would be a great platform to thrive.

Many bloggers write for people who have a thirst for knowledge instead of writing to showcase their talent. Showcasing the skill is not absolutely wired in this case, but sometimes it may not be necessary.

When you write on a product and keep building knowledge around it, your reader base will soon be increasing, building a community around your product. Someday, your readers would become your customers who trust in you just because of the blog you are doing.

How Generating another income stream?

We are living in a competitive world. For most common citizens out there, it’s become a difficult task to find a job that pays enough for their living. That’s why creating another income stream would be helpful sometimes—blogging is one among many options.

You may not become a sudden millionaire if you start a blog. But it’s not entirely impossible. There are blogs on the internet that earns more than a million per month. And so there are blogs that make a handsome $3000 per month, which would be a great add-on to your family.

Showing your expertise:

Standing out is always the most challenging part of life. Blogging will help you garner more new people. For example, blogging on a specific niche related to your present job would be a great option to showcase your expertise.

Your blog could serve as a resume for your upcoming job search. A blog is like evidence for your skill, which would help you stand out from the crowd.

As we saw, blogging is actually good for both generating an income and establishing your authority. But nothing comes easy. There are many pitfalls in the field from which only a few percentages of bloggers have ever survived.

There are blogs on the internet that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to rank up their pages, while some blogs don’t want to do that yet garnering good enough traffic and trust from their readers. The idea here is not creating a blog under budget but how to make the action successful.

Here we have included few tips on how to blog appropriately without spending your hard-earned dimes on it.

Tip-1: Starts Niche Blog:

Starting a general blog out of pure inspiration is the first big mistake many freshman bloggers make. A general blog talks about anything that comes in its way. It might look like a good thing, but it’s not when it comes to a blogger who wants to make money out of the internet. As it’s mentioned before, there are more than 500 million blogs out there on the internet, so your competition level is certainly high. But what if you choose a niche blog?

Choosing a niche blog means you have successfully narrowed down your tasks. You’ll constantly be posting only about that particular niche. This will help search engines like Google offer more prominence to your blog and index them on the top. A niche blog is all about targeting people who are already interested in that niche. If you are doing fine with your posts, your target audience base will be growing, which results in a better ranking of your blog on the search engines without spending money.

Tip-2: You need a Content Strategy:

Relevance is the holy grail of search engine,” do you ever heard this phrase made put forward by Marc Ostrofsk? You may be or may not, but that’s the fact about search engines, for example, Google. Staying relevant to your target audience should be your primary goal as a blogger. Staying relevant to your audience wants you to be strategic in following actions such as:-

  • Maintaining the frequency of the posts.
  • Keeping up with the search engines and the ethics.
  • Understand what your target audience are expecting from you and act accordingly.
  • Being informative as much as possible with your posts.
  • Keeping your niche blog running up to date with information.
  • Inserting engaging materials in your posts like promises and offers.

Tip-3: An excellent hosting Service:

Sometimes a blogger might feel like even the WordPress itself a costly piece of CMS tool. Anyone can start a blog with WordPress for under $10. But, when time passes, your website might need some changes where you need to drop some dimes for that.

However, you cannot simply jump to some other hosting services because the chances of you getting battered up by other hosting services are literally high.

There are four different types of hosting services in which almost all applications on the internet are hosted. But, whatever the hosting type is, you need to consider security, speed, scalability, support, price, and hosting environment before signing up with a single type.

We have discussed a lot of these hosting services in our previous posts. Hence, we are at this moment moving to discuss the Cloudways Cloud Hosting service, which is currently considered the best platform supporting emerging bloggers on a budget.

The concept of cloud hosting, in a nutshell, is your web application, a blog, in this case, will be hosted on more than one server instead of hosting in a single physical server. If you don’t know what I mean by the word server, I’m obliged to put it as simple as possible; a server is like a home to your blog.

This cloud hosting literally eliminates the downtime syndrome of your blog. This is possible only when the blog’s server gets fried up, but soon another similar server takes up the job until the downed server gets back online; the cloud hosting is absolutely working like this. 

However, you need to hire a cloud computing wizard to manage your blog unless you are already a wizard in hosting platforms. Managed hosting would be the best option you can choose in this case.

Managed cloud hosting is like hosting your blog on a cloud server where the techies take care of a blog or web application’s every management work. Cloudways is the best example for managed cloud hosting.

Cloudways has a pricing plan which is called the Pay-as-you-go, in which you pay only for what you use.

Do you know an internet user waits no more than three seconds to jump to another website if the loading time sucks? That’s why Google is pushing loading speed as an essential factor for site ranking.

A blog or a web application needs good bandwidth for a lightning-fast loading time. When the traffic surges up, you need more bandwidth and space to hold the readers in and prevent your blog from crashing. Such a thing is hardly possible in the traditional shared hosting services, which is the lowest budget hosting plan for fresh bloggers.

However, it can be done simply with cloud hosting, especially in Cloudways’s pay-as-you-go plan. Moreover, you can create your first WordPress blog directly from Cloudways and host it to any one of the top cloud hosting providers (AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, and Google Cloud). YOu can scale your storage and bandwidth up and down anytime. Moreover, your blog will be constantly patched with security updates, backed up in a regular frequency, and updated automatically from the Cloudways’ end.

You can literally start a blog and maintain it just under $10 per month, which is hardly possible in traditional hosting providers and some cloud hosting providers.

Final words

It seems obvious that starting a blog is not as hard as you thought if you choose to host it on a platform like Cloudways.

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