What is Paul Ponna's Doodle Maker? How to create Doodle Videos in minutes? Is it worth your money? Legit or Scam? - Honest Review


Create doodle videos over 60+ languages within minutes


Convert any video into 3 parts - Blackboard, Whiteboard, Glassboard


Simply enter text that pair into AI images


160+ Realistic human voices to choose


Cloud base software - Work on anywhere



  • Over 300 Stunning Templates
  • 1-Click Video Translation Engine
  • Blackboard, whiteboard, Glassboard Switcher
  • In-App voice recording
  • Quality Support and less price


  • Overall satisfied with this software for the investment

NameDoodle Maker
Use ForCreate any boring photo or video into a colourful and beautiful doodle videos in a single click! Used for all Teachers, students, entrepreneurs, Youtubers, Online business makers, coaches, bloggers, Authors, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and so on
CreatorPaul Ponna, Sid Diwar
Official Website
SkillsNo Special Skills Need. Beginners to Pro can use this!
Price$47 - $67 During launch.Click here to See Updated Prices now.
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Gurantee
Our RecommendationHighly Recommended.

Doodle was defined as some scribble or rough drawing made absentmindedly. Doodles born out of boredom! It is brilliant but people called it a foolish design. Doodles can often be seen inside any naughty kid’s notebooks as a cartoon representation of his/her teacher, classmates, or some random fictional character.

People do random craps when they are bored, but not doodle. It is an art that comes out of brilliant minds which are often hit by boredom. Research on doodling says doodling positively increases the understanding capability of a human.

Doodles are found to be engaging than normal explainer sessions or theory sessions. Comics are a fantastic result of doodling. Then someone derived the concept and made a whiteboard animation video. Further, development in technology has made the doodles to become a part of many industries from education to business.

Now Doodle videos are a great tool for product marketing and advertising. But, how doodles help promoting a business or a product is the question we’re about to explore below along with a new Doodle Maker tool in the market named “Doodle Maker“.

How Doodle Whiteboard Animations Help your business?

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Doodles can help to make engaging explainer videos on, product advertisements, presentations, and business services. Many times, the best way to sell something is to let people communicate with the product. It’ll help them understand what the product is and what are the benefits can be attained from the product.

Do you know why these doodle animations have been incorporated by millions of businesses and media? With doodles, you can convert your complex idea into a simpler yet understandable and engaging animated explainer video. Doodle animations eliminated the chances of paying for lousy advertisements and actors.

When you have more ideas you need a short film to express them to your customers or clients unless if you choose doodle whiteboard animations. Doodle animations use doodles and animated characters to act while the narrator telling the story.

Doodle animations are more formal and casual to be used in the corporate environment and the general environment. It helps you tell a story in a comic style that can reach the far end without failure. A comic and humorous way of animations when combined with better narration, it will convert any boring topic to be effectively engaging.

How to Create A Doodle Animation Video?

Well, there are a lot of tools on both online and offline platforms that can create doodle animations. Some tools typically charge for every video that is created on it. Some lose more advanced options because of its low price tag. Some need more expertise in the field of creating animations, which particularly eliminates newbies. Some animation makers are complicated enough to become frustrated. Some do not come cost-friendly. Some need more effort from the user. But, such things will spoil the users’ ambition of succeeding in business and suck out more money and time. You may reach out to outsourcing companies to help you out. But they are luxury. Ok, is there any tool that eliminates all the above-mentioned drawbacks? Actually yes, Doodle Maker can do that.

Doodle Maker:

Anything is possible in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Doodle Maker is such software that uses AI to create Doodle Videos. It doesn’t care about the user’s technical skill, design skills, age, or efficiency. All it cares is does the user know how to drag and drop an animation property or any existing content idea to let the AI feed on.

Who can utilize this Doodle Maker?

The Doodle Maker is not deemed to any particular field. Doodle Maker can be used to make videos for VSL (sales) videos, Facebook ADs, lead generation, and content creation. Hence, professionals such as marketers (from product to affiliate marketers), lead generators, trainers, FB marketers, freelancers, content creators, and teachers are benefited thorough this Doodle Maker.

doodle maker honest review - 8pmpodcast

Features of Doodle Maker Software:

Text-to Speech

AI Translation Engine

100+ Male and Female Voices

Options to record and upload an audio file

Icon Finder with Pixabay API

Built-In Library of Images

Color Image to Sketch Converter

Board Switcher

Add Watermark Facility

Built-in Transition

Element Speed Changer

Color Changer

Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality

Youtube and Vimeo Publisher

Create Unlimited Videos

Freehand Editor

300+ Ready Made Template

Intuitive text to image finder

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What makes this Doodle Maker stand out from other software?

A special AI intuitively scans and understands your content of any type, such as text, script, e-book, or video, and creates a complete animated video for you. Yes, you heard it right; it can make doodle videos out of existing videos. So, the hards of learning designing and mastering video editing have been eliminated totally. The end result you get on the screen can be edited as per your needs. This AI literally saves you a lot of time which is hard to be done in other tools that require you to start from scratch.

Though the AI builds your video, it lets the complete control over the elements like doodles, images, audio, voice-overs, and video output choice to the user.

The AI is also indulging in translation. You don’t want to include French audio when you are converting a video from English.

The Doodle Maker Software unlike other software helps a user to make a video faster and get into publishing works. With this software, one can make whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board doodle videos.

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The Drag and Drop video editing canvas let the user without any technical skills to master the platform within a day. This feature will help a newbie internet marketer in many ways because all they wanted is customer engagement.

One can convert any existing video from YouTube to Doodle Animation by just copy-pasting the URL of the video. The AI matches the video with its database and comes up with a cool doodle animation to save you a lot of time.

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There are options to build your own video from scratch with its drag and drop feature. The Doodle Maker is also enabled with the multi-purpose videos. Once you have done creating a video on the Whiteboard background, you can change the background completely to blackboard or glass board or color board in just one click.

If you are reluctant to start building from scratch, then you can opt for Doodle Maker’s 300+ existing templates and enhance it or publish it as it is. Get in, and get finished in no time.

With Doodle Maker, you can make animated videos to increase your global traffic with unlimited versatility and professional quality despite lacking ideas and creativity.

Along with the above features, with Doodle Maker, you can convert your existing images to sketches and make doodle animations out of them.

How to Create a Doodle Animation Video with Doodle Maker?

Step 1: Choose a Canvas (Whiteboard, BlackBoard, Glassboard, or Custom), if you are about to start from scratch. Or, select a ready-made template.

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Step 2: Customize your doodle. Change color, image, text animation, background score, or voice (different voices and 60+ language) as you like.

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Step 3: Hit the generate button. Your video will be ready in a minute.

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Thinking of using Doodle Maker for outsourcing? You can do that with the Enterprise Licence from Doodle Maker. The front end pricing of Doodle Makers starts from $47 in which you get a commercial license to sell your doodle videos to your clients, and customers. The front end Enterprise Licence (Original price $67) can also be purchased for $49 which is $18 off as a starting discount

What you get in the Enterprise License Pack:

Along with the features sited above in this article, the commercial pack comes with the features like

Whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board background

Can sell your videos (commercial license)

300+ templates

5 million Royalty-free images

Image to sketch converter

Add watermarks

Unlimited Usage

Built-in doodle Style Transitions

Up to 15 minutes of video length

AI Video Translation engine

AI video Maker

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Upsell 1 – Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited

The price of this Upsell ranges from $97 – $497. The Whitelabel Agency pack costs $97, while the Whitelabel Enterprise costs $497 as a one-time payment.

With this upsell you get features like

Re-brand the video you made with Doodle Maker with your own log and watermarks and keep 100% of your profit from the video.

Add unlimited sub-accounts with the Whitelabel enterprise pack. But the Whitelabel Agency pack is limited to only 50 accounts.

Set you own price for the video

No monthly or yearly fees

Let doodle maker host your software and updates.

For whom this Upsell benefits:

The agency pack is best for small companies of any niche while the enterprise pack can be used by big software companies that deal with a large number of clients and customers.

Upsell 2- Doodel Maker Deluxe Upgarde

Doodle Maker Deluxe upgrade is coming with a price tag of $49. With this pack, you get new templates every month for one year,

Ready-made voice scripts for all templates and ready-made human voice-overs,

Additional premium text-speech voices in 29 languages,

Built-in Google cloud server for fast video rendering,

Premium royalty-free music files

Priority access to updates

Upsell 3: Toon Video Maker App

This upsell costs $39 (one-time payment), through which you can add more fun to your video.

Eye-popping character animation,

100+ animated characters,

HD animated backgrounds

200+ music tracks,

Unlimited video length

Unlimited Text-To-Speech

Black canvas

Can be installed on 10 computers and work well as a desktop app

Commercial license

Upsell 4: Client Engine App

This upsell costs $29 (one-time payment). It helps you find a great client to sell your videos. For that, the app comes with five top job sites that can be used to find clients who can buy your work.

With this package you get

Unlimited usage with no monthly fee

Unlimited search to find paying clients

Inclusion of job sites like PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire, and Guru

Keep your profit 100%.

Pros of Doodle Maker

It’s a Cloud-based software. So, there is no need for downloading and installing it

Create animated videos for any type of niches

AI video Translation engine

AI Video Maker

Royalty-Free image and music library

Image to sketch conversion

Text-to-speech, voice upload, and in-built voice recorder

User-friendly and newbie-friendly

No hidden fees and month fee

Ready-made video templates


Different language enabled

Ability to create a video in more than 160 languages

Self-hosting service

Commercial service

In-built Client finding platforms

Software update and maintenance

Done-for-Sale sales pages and videos.


As far as we see, there are no cons on the platform except one thing. Because of the high demand for this product, there will be no one-time fees kept stable for a long time. However, the situation is nowhere near unless you purchase the software before the one-time payment sale ends.

Who are the authors of Doodle Maker?

doodle maker honest review - 8pmpodcast
Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar

Paul Ponna is the lead man behind this fantastic product along with Sid Diwar. Paul Ponna is a tech-entrepreneur, living in Canada, whose experience in the field space for more than 14 years. He is also a speaker, consultant, author, and founder of many successful SAAS companies. He was the man behind some award-winning software like Animation Studio, VideoPal, VideoApp Suite, ChatterPal, Video Robot, Automation Bundle, and

Sid Diwar, who is the co-founder of this Doodle Maker, is a software developer, tech entrepreneur, consultant for marketing campaigns behind many million-dollar products.


What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker is a software that makes Doodle Animation Videos.

What is so special about Doodle Maker?

Artificial Intelligence is the specialty of Doodle Maker. It uses AI to create videos from text inputs and video inputs.

Is Doodle Maker a offline software?

No, Doodle maker is a cloud-based tool that can be used online with self-hosting options to save users’ progress.

Why do I need Doodle Maker?

You may be used more than six individual apps to create a doodle animation video unless you have Doodle Maker. It makes the work simple, faster, and efficient.

Do I need animation skills to use Doodle Maker?

No, you don’t need animation skills or any other designing skills. The Doodle Maker’s AI and newbie-friendly free-hand editor (drag and drop) features.

What does Doodle Maker’s AI do?

With Doodle Maker’s AI, one can simply copy-paste any story, text, script, or YouTube Video URL to convert them into doodle animation videos in minutes. So you can save a lot of time building a video from scratch and using six different tools.

Can I sell the videos made with Doodle Maker?

With a commercial license, of course, you can. You can use your own logo, and watermark on your videos.

How much a Doodle Video can sell for?

You can make up to $300 – $500 buck from your short doodle animated video and making one is simplified through doodle maker.

How is Doodle Maker Hosting Services Charges?

Doodle Maker doesn’t charge you for hosting you or your video progress. There are no monthly fees or hidden fees. It charges no money for rendering your videos and storing them while some platforms do. It also eliminates the learning curve.

How many ready-made templates does Doodle Maker have?

More than 300 ready-made video templates for various industries and niches are there in Doodle Maker.

What type of background board does Doodle Maker have?




Color and image background

How long it will take for me to customize an existing template?

The process was made simple by Doodle Maker with its built-in animations and transitions.

Can I translate a video from English to other languages?

Yes, the AI has got your back. AI can translate nearly 70 languages.

Do I need to hire a voice-over artist for my video?

yes, unless you have Doodle Maker. With Doodle Maker comes 160+ life-like-text-to-speech voices.

Can I remove the background of a photo I want to use in Doodle Maker?

Yes, Doodle Maker has options for that too. You can simply remove the background and use the rest of the photo.

Does Doodle Maker have an in-built image library?

Yes, there is an inbuilt library for images, icons, doodles, and music, which are royalty-free and free to use.

How does Doodle Maker guarantee my investment in it?

Your investment is covered with a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you wish to return the tool you can do it for a full refund.

Do I need to pay commission for Doodle Maker If I sold the video that I made with it?

No, Doodle maker don’t work for commission. You can keep your 100% profit with you. But, you should not sell the tool.