ProductBonus Dynamo
CreatorChris Hardy
Official WebsiteBonusDynamo
Release Date17 November 2020
BenefitsAvailable Tested bonus pages, 1-click to generate my bonus page, SSD cloud hosting to store all your bonus pages absolutely good for affiliate marketer, product marketers and business owners.

Are you planning to promote or launch-jack a product online sooner or later? Then how are you planning to impress the visitors and possibly convert them into sales? Oh, I know, colorful product images, spectacular sales quotes, popping out color paper animations on either side of a normal sales page-isn’t it? If you say yes to this,

then I’m sorry, your visitors are not going to be impressed with your work.

Okay, calm down, we know a way out.

Do you know which sales page makes more conversion in today’s market? It’s basically the sales pages that as bonuses on it. Think it, why does one choose you over another who gives a bunch of good goodies? There are hundreds of software in the wild to create such bonus sales pages. But, the new Bonus Dynamo has took the process to a next level. Here, in this article, let us explore the efficiency of Bonus Dynamo and how it’ll multiply your conversion with its bonus sales pages.

Before that, irrespective of your knowledge in this field, we like to explain why Bonus pages are great in getting leads and conversion. Well, Why? Bonus pages are not just some marketing theory, it is born out of deep human psychology called reciprocity.

To put reciprocity in a nutshell for our understanding, it’s more like doing something good in return. For example, let us take a car seller. Once you entered the showroom, a salesperson will welcome you with a smile, walk you around the showroom, offer your a seat, bring you a refreshing drink and give some nice conversation. After all these, you certainly would’ve pleased with his accommodation; that’s where your brain gets trickled. Your brain will start thinking that the salesperson did a good deed for me, so I owe him one, which is buying a car from him. See, the deal’s done! That’s what you’ll be applying on your sales page.

What is Bonus Dynamo?

Bonus Dynamo is simply an online tool that’ll help you create mind-blowing bonus sales pages for your within minutes. Bonus Dynamo will give you the efficiency to surpass your competition in no time.

What makes Bonus Dynamo Different?

Of course, there are many sales page creating software in the current market. Most of them have a lot of options and features, which most of the time leads to confusion of what feature would help for the conversion. Some tools require a tech geek to work on it. Some products are costlier and can be afforded particularly when the buyer is constrained of budget. And the rest charges each month. While all these are happening, Bonus Dynamo is about to explode silently with its awesome features like creating a bonus page with just one click.

Features of Bonus Dynamo:

  • Bonus Dynamo has been developed using a cutting-edge programming language.
  • Bonus Dynamo can create pages that are light and fast.
  • Bonus Dynamo has provided no unwanted or confusing option for creating a bonus page.
  • Bonus Dynamo hosts all the bonus pages that are created with it on its own SSD hosting server.
  • The SSD server will help the page load fast and offer the user a nice, and easy experience with the page.
  • Bonus Dynamo offers full support and training, all in an affordable price tag.

Who can use Bonus Dynamo?

Bonus Dynamo can be used in wide niches. Affiliate marketers are the ones who will be greatly benefited by the tool. Bonus Dynamo would be the proper tool to create bonus pages for product promotion and product launch-jacking. As Bonus Dynamo cuts the learning curve and helps start immediately, your business will be up and running seamlessly.

Other than affiliate marketers, Bonus Dynamo can be utilized by various kinds of professionals such as digital marketers, product owners, online tutors, and more.

How does it work?

All you have to do is to purchase the products and login to your Bonus Dynamo dashboard. Once you entered the dashboards, you might see a small round + button at the top left corner of the dashboard. Click the button, you’ll be taken to the page creation section where you enter the necessary details to generate your page.

What if I don’t have any bonuses?

No having a bonus is the most common problem faced by marketers. That’s why Bonus Dynamo offers free bonuses to add them to your page. When you are with Bonus Dynamo, “no Bonus is a chance for new bonuses.”

The pricing structure of Bonus Dynamo:

Bonus Dynamo’s original worth is $497. However, you can get it for a front-end price, which is just $27 as the launch special.

You get the most out of the tool at the Front-End level.

You get access to proven review pages, bonuses, and the competition for training aid.

OTO:1- Bonus Dynamo DFY Bundle:

Cost: $37.

Along with the front-end access, you get access to more high-quality bonuses and niche blog creation bonuses that could convert more and elite copywriting and persuasion bonus.

Also, you get other training packages such as

YouTube Authority training.

Email marketing authority training.

Lead generation training.

Ecom & Drop-Shipping expert training.

OTO:2- The 30 Minute Purpose Business

Cost: $17

Affiliate Blog and Website BluePrint

Niche discovery strategies

Professional market research strategies

High-ticket coaching

Templates for social media, phones, contracts, and more

OTO:3-Developer License

Cost: $297

You will be provided with Bonus Dynamo’s source code and rebranding license. So, you can sell Bonus Dynamo as if it is made by you.